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Who are we?
We wear hardhats.

We are people just like you. People who wear hardhats. People who take pride in their work. Who truly care about quality and craftsmanship and who understand that those values require dedication and hard work.

I developed The LesterLid based on those qualities because they were imbued in me by a very special person—Lesley “Lester” Hyde—my Mother. Her life epitomized those qualities. And every day, when I put on MY hardhat, as I have for over 22 years, I commit to those qualities as a tribute to her and to all the men and women who bring that same spirit to the American workplace.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area (where the hard hat was invented!) Z&S Headwear Design, LLC is a small, independently-owned company focused on helping the American worker by providing a truly functional and comfortable “tool” that makes the work day more enjoyable and productive.

At Z&S Headwear Design, we believe every hard hat should be worn with pride, and every hard hat should wear The LesterLid.

Zack Schoeningh - Owner & Developer of The LesterLid