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Z&S Headwear Revolutionizes Construction Industry

Z&S Headwear Revolutionizes Construction Industry with New LesterLid Hard Hat Liner.

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SONOMA, Calif., Sept. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Z&S Headwear announced today that it has launched sales of the LesterLid, a unique product developed to improve the fit, safety, and comfort of hard hats used in the construction industry. The newly developed LesterLid is a lightweight, form-fitting hard hat liner designed for simple field installation and removal. Made of breathable, washable cotton with an elastic terrycloth sweatband, the LesterLid keeps a hard hat snugly in place and results in cooler on-the-job comfort. The product simply snaps in around the inner liner of a hard hat and snaps out for easy removal.

Zack Schoeningh, owner of Z&S Headwear and creator of the LesterLid, predicts first-year sales to reach 30,000 units sold to construction and trade workers throughout the U.S. After the first year, the company plans to market the product globally. According to Schoeningh, "There are 20 million hard hats sold annually, and all of them deserve a LesterLid. There's no other product on the market designed to make your hard hat your favorite tool on the job. As a longtime hard hat wearer myself, I wanted to design a product to increase the comfort of hard hat wear for my fellow construction and trade workers at a fair price."

LesterLids are manufactured in a variety of patterns, including patriotic, sports, and hobby themes. They retail for $12.95 each and are available on the company's website at or by calling 855-537-7543.

LesterLid Product Photo:

LesterLid Installation Sketch:


Zack Schoeningh Owner, Z&S Headwear Design 855-537-7543

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